Friday, 25 January 2013

Lash Loving

Lashes! For me they’re the ultimate factor to giving me confidence. I know that most people say skin, but I really need my lashes to look before i was look and myself and think ‘yes, that’ll do pig’ (bit of a Babe reference there). I feel like if i have a bit of a bad skin day, i have a box full of things that can cover spots or lumps and bumps and redness, i don’t have anything that can repair my lashes. 
For me the worst culprit for destroying my lashes is false ones and my laziness. I don’t wear strip lashes, I’ve seen 12 year olds wear them better than me! They never look ‘right’. 
I’m not going to lie; I’m a lazy mare when it comes to removing makeup! I can spend forever putting it on, but ask me to take it off when all i want to do is cuddle up to the Mr and watch some Dexter, and I probably flip you a birdie. I’m a picker, a notorious picker, i will pull them clusters off and be done with, only to give myself a little sigh and a head shake of disappointment in the morning when I see that I have a gap in my lash line. For example, works Christmas party, i had only been there for 2 months and I wanted to look different and wow! For me that means carefully apply some lipstick, fill in those browns and add some fakes. As per usually 2 days later I was still wearing said falsies and my natural lashes had stuck to them like cement,! Being as impatient as I am, I didn’t soak my lashes in Makeup remover I just pulled. So there i was, 5 minutes of pulling lead to weeks of recovery...seriously weeks! My hair takes an age to grow, so think of my poor lashes. So i had to jump into action ASAP, unfortunately i had done this before, so i was prepared.
Products required: Rapid lash, L’Oreal lash serum, Mac Prep and Prime and olive oil. 
Rapid lash was mainly for when my lashes had started to come back, it’s a wonder product! I get mine off of a highly rated ebayer for £20ish. It’s well worth the money, just drag it across you lash line like eyeliner (on a clean product free face) and leave it, within 4 weeks you’ll start seeing results! My eyelashes are naturally long, but if I do the full course they touch my eyebrows, MY EYEBROWS! I had to do a mini trim (naughty me) because it was insane. 
L’Oreal’s Serum is for instant conditioning and strengthening, i don’t use it on my lash line as Rapid Lash is there, but I do coat it on like a mascara and in the morning wash it off, it leaves my lashes feeling stronger and silkier! When i want some extra help I use some olive oil, just as a mini treatment, do not get in your eyes! It’s not painful...just really really annoying.
MACs Prep and Prime Lash if for under my mascara, until i find something as good, i use waterproof mascara, its rubbish to get off! Absolute pain. But with this underneath it’s so much easier! And it’s helping my lashes that little bit in the mean time.
Love your lashes, treat them right and they’ll be glorious in no time!
Kat xxx

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