Monday, 28 January 2013

Ruby Woo!

Ruby Woo is one of those colours, one that everyone has, wants or at the very least has tried at one point or another. For me it is my go-to item if I need a bit of pizzazz. It’s a multi-tasking dream and i wouldn’t be without it. My old favourite was ‘Port Red’ but as I’ve grown older and that because unavailable, my tastes changed.

The reason i love this so much is because if how many ways i can use it. I’m naturally very pale and my hair is very dark, yet I don’t always have a lot of pigmentation in my lips, so it’s difficult to avoid the walking dead look (love that programme!) So I pick this sucker up.


How much do i love thee? Let me count the ways
Bold with Stone


1.       As a Bold lip. Its matte so beware, it can be drying and it can make your lips look smaller, which i for one do not need. To combat this I scrub my lips lightly with Lush’s Bubblegum Scrub, add a slick of lip balm and apply some Stone Lip liner by MAC just round the edges of my lips. Please remember to blend, we’re not cruising back onto the 90s guys

2.        The after effect of having this lipstick on is a stain, which is a bonus because I love stains anyway. My man gets a bit moany if i wear bold lipstick because naturally he doesn’t want anything to do with it, but with a stain we’re both cheering for the same team! I get my stain and he gets smooches if I want a stain for the day time i just lightly press some colour in with my finger and et voila!

3.       Blush! Sometime sin winter my usual cream blushes look a little shy. They don’t have the punch of colour I’m after. Add a little bit of this near the apples and your face look instantly warmer and it brightens my whole look. Be very cautious though, with it being matte it’s hard to erase a mistake, add some liquid/cream highlighter to freshen up the look and to add luminosity.

Ohhhh Ruby Woo, you have bowled me over


  1. I don't have the balls to wear red lipstick, but it does look great! x

  2. Try just wearing it like a light stain and build up, or on a night out :) x