Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My Everyday Work Makeup

Todays post is my everyday makeup. Generally people say ''ooh mine changes from day to day'', mine doesn't really, i'm only going to the office. My foundatin changes when i can afford it to and my mascara combinations but other then that these are my tried and true products!

Mascaras and Curler
I always always always start with these, i dont like curling my lashes after i've put my foundation on as i dont like making a mark in my freshly layed cement. I always use my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, but i'm pretty damn keen on the MAC version too, no eyelash ripping or awkward bends in my lashes.
L'oreal Telescopic in carbon black and the False Lash version in waterproof! i do have other mascaras, such as the Benefit 'They're Real' and the new Clinique High Impact, but they didn't make the cut recently. However i am trialing the old High Impact and YSL's Shocking mascara, stay tuned for thoughts.

Serum and Foundation/brush

I always use the winter months as an excuse to get my skin prepared for summer, to do this i am using Origins Dr Weil - Mega Bright Serum. Used sparingly this is delicious. i don't usually use alot of serums, just my Estee lauder one at night, but this i feel actually works. Plus it feels really nice under my foundation and prvides a soft surface for my base to glide on.
The gliding process is aided by my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. No streaks, no hassle and great fr pushing foundation into any areas that need that little bit more coverage (for me its next to my nose, the top of my mouth and sometimes my chin)
The foundation of choice is YSL's Le Teit Touche Eclat. I thought i would be the palest one, so i went ahead and got the B10, recently i was actually matched to B20 - Get me being all tanned and glorious...kinda. Some days i feel super pale but i just mix the two. I love the glow it gives me in winter, usually i press and roll my powder all down the centre of my face and then i leave the rest depending on how much coverage i want. I wouldnt say this is light/medium buildable coverage!

My choice is Chanel Poudre Univerelle Libre in  20 Clair - Translucent 1. wow, mouthful!
This is the lightest one they have, they have translucent 1 and 2 (which is weird seeing as its translucent) and its a beauty. I use the puff that it comes with and press and rollll, i used to just sweep on but with all the skin bumps i'm getting and rosy cheeks, i need the coverage and flawless look. If i want a lighter dusting i just use the Real Techniques Blush Brush to dust it over.
I do own MAC studio fix powder (I think everyone has at some time or other) and it just settled into my laughter lines and under my eyes, not what i was after at 22 years old! so for now this is perfect.


I use 2, i recently saw a youtube beauty guru so the same thing so i believe that makes it acceptable. I use Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection, the lightest one is just for nder my eyes a little, the centre of my forehead and the tops of my cheek bones. I use Deep 4 to contour under my cheeks when i'm not feeling like using a powder ontop, as sometimes it feels like my entire face is powder,
I do LOVE Bobbi Browns Corrector in Porecelain Peach, but for some reason i haven't reached for it lately. Its the perfect size for slipping in your handbag, virtually negates the need for a cncealer and really freshens your look, i was very dubious about buying it but man am i grateful i did!

Blush and Bronzer/Contour

Just a nice creamy one for winter MACs Ladyblush applied with a Real Techniques Stippling Brush. it really adds some Life and a really nice healthy appearence to my look. Not really much else to say about that little fella.
Benefit Hoola i use as either a very light bronzer or a beautiful contour when used with a light hand. I always use my Real Techniques Contour Brush and blend the edges with whatever is left on my foundation brush. Don't apply to much, you will look muddy! especially us pale ladies, hollaaaa


Currently u use Mac Fling and Mac Lingering if my eyebrows are looking a little mehhh. If i have it with me i use MAC wedge instead f the Lingering and i apply it with 206 angled MAC brush. The only time i use the powder is if i'm making more of an effort, say at the weekends, and i want a strong shape. Both are beautiful pencils, i do have Shu Uemra's Hard Pencil, but i view that as more of a summer pencil.
Next up, my night products including Serums, skin renewing night creams and what i use on my lashes

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