Monday, 21 January 2013

A Few of my Faithfuls

We all have those products that we absolutely NEEEED in our lives! Here are but a few of mine, bare in mind that i have many items that halp me in many ways, but i need to spread this shit out.

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara


Oh Hey there baby gurllll.

Mascaras that have alot of hype about them usually make me suspicious, Mainly for the geneeral factor that they don't ever work for me like they do for everyone else. Granted i need my trusty waterproof layer underneath, but this gives beautiful definition whilst thickening the little suckers out! definitely buildable (which is a must for me, hot damn i like my mascara thick). I would genuinely recommened this to anyone
Origins Super Spot Remover

This is beautiful! Not only is it a decent price and lasts a suuuuppaaa long time, but it doesnt crack my skin. My skin is usually dehydrated (damn my disgust for drinking water) so when i put spot treatments on my skin just dries more and cracks. This stings a little when you put it on, but then i can't feel a thing! It then appears to seal itself over the spot, kinda like Bonjela is meant to i guess :/ and it makes the spot look ridonculously better in the morning! HAZAAAAAAA
Origins Drink Up Intensive
Come to meee!! hen my skin is being homormonal and i need to crack on a good supply of spot treatment, i use this as an apology to my skin. i really do abuse my skin sometimes, but we're all guilty of that at one time or another. I smooth this on at night, especially round my nose where it gets expecially dry (and dare i say super flaky) and in the morning it feels amazing! I don't usually spend alot of money on skincare, but i definitely never regret my Origins purchases.
Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre -  Translucent 1
When i want good coverage but i don't want ALOT of foundation, i use this with the pat and roll technique. My my it looks good, even if i do say so myself! i do like the coverage that MAC studio fix powder gives, but it settles in my laughter lines and just looks pahhhhh. This is my second purchase and although i do have a mini heart attack every time i tentatively hand over my card, i never regret it.
Shu Uemurs BB Perfector
This was a spare of the moment purchase, i got along with one of the sales ladies really ell and i felt guilty for not getting anything. Apparently this is a recent release? If you have pale skin then this is a beauty! only comes in one shades but i would be VERY careful. It has a nice medium coverage and is easily buildable. I feel less guilty earing makeup at the weekend if i have this on, i get to feel confident AND treat my skin...kinda. It smells good, looks god and wears well.
I'm a very happy bunny if these are in my travel bag

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