Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Shu uemura bb cream review

I wouldn't say I'm the greatest at buying a foundation or BB cream and sticking to it, if I love something I'm lucky if I stick to it for more then a couple of weeks? Then boredom ensues.

We're all guilty of it! I dare you to look in your makeup Drawers and tell me there's less then 2 foundations in there! Double dip dare you!

Now, may I introduce Shu Uemura's BB cream.

This is one little blighter I will stick with! And here is why... It's a guilt free item, I can wear alone at weekends or under a light foundation for that extra smack of coverage that sometimes we need. Unlike the Garnier one, it doesn't go patchy and it smells delightful. After trying the Garnier and the l'oreal version i was a little put off BB creams as I love a bit of coverage and I don't like it being overly watery or hard to blend, this is neither and I love it.

Heres a nifty little (bad quality) before and after just to give you a little insight ( or after and before it seems ) .

I've pulled prettier faces..i promise. Yes my skin isn't bad, but goodbye uneven skintone :)

The downside is this set me back around £29 but for the tiny amount I use, I would do it again . I am naturally very fair, this jut fits (avoid if you're porcelain to the max or a tanned mama). I would go and ask for a match first, it says that I melts into your skin tone but I don't exactly trust that.

This is my 'hey look at my prancing around all skin confident' kinda base. Mix it with your favourite matte foundation and the glow is amazing. Give it a chance guys, don't give up on BB creams.


  1. I have been meaning to try this...

    I think I'm convinced!!


  2. You should :) totally worth picking up!

  3. Gonna look into this, I was really put of with the garnier one but this looks good :) Cx
    Ps. I'm now a follower :)